Continuous Benchmarking

SQL Code

COPY lineitem TO 'lineitem.csv' DELIMITER '|' HEADER
c26b2020-02-252.29[L/E]Merge pull request #433 from cwida/idx_t2 Rename index_t to idx_t because Solaris
b0782020-02-252.32[L/E]Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into idx_t2
4c082020-02-252.29[Q/L/E]Fix for quoted range var without schema in Catalog::ParseRangeVar + tests
62a52020-02-252.30[Q/L/E]Unify code to parse schema/table from sequences with R client appender, and add correct support for quotes to it. This fixes #430
31b42020-02-252.34[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #431 from cwida/stringrep Rework String Representation
dbd92020-02-242.35[Q/L/E]Fixes for R client and rest server
2a552020-02-242.35[Q/L/E]Revert "Remove string inlining (for benchmark reasons)" This reverts commit ca74946959d0449dc781ac23b910180a5201dcd8.
ca742020-02-242.46[Q/L/E]Remove string inlining (for benchmark reasons)
5b232020-02-242.31[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into stringrep
4ee72020-02-242.39[Q/L/E]Add new set of micro benchmarks involving string operations
c13c2020-02-202.39[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #427 from Honeypot95/reverse_function2 Implement the reverse function.
15ea2020-02-202.43[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #426 from cwida/changevectorsize Fixes for support of different vector sizes
7d602020-02-202.42[Q/L/E]Test even fewer vector sizes to limit testing time and add extra string agg test case
bb292020-02-202.41[Q/L/E]Limit the amount of vector sizes tested to avoid the time limit on travis
bfa42020-02-202.42[Q/L/E]Remove -j from build for travis
7d3f2020-02-202.42[Q/L/E]Travis: try not explicitly setting the compiler
13d52020-02-192.41[Q/L/E]Add ubuntu toolchain to travis build
1a322020-02-192.43[Q/L/E]Add travis test for different vector sizes
52a52020-02-192.43[Q/L/E]Allow setting of vector size through cmake and add python script for testing different vector sizes
51982020-02-192.48[Q/L/E]Fix explain for VECTOR_SIZE=2
fa2d2020-02-192.42[Q/L/E]Vector_size=4 working
b92b2020-02-192.41[Q/L/E]Fixes for vector_size=8; fix for local storage when all values in a vector are deleted
d6602020-02-192.41[Q/L/E]Add test that throws an exception in the middle of an aggregate with destructor being constructed
d3022020-02-192.40[Q/L/E]Add destructor function for aggregates, and use it in STRING_AGG function to properly manage allocation of string aggregates
65622020-02-192.45[Q/L/E]Allow VECTOR_SIZE=16, fix off-by-one in assertion and fix for NLJ with NULL values
6ee22020-02-192.41[Q/L/E]Allow VECTOR_SIZE=32
ff852020-02-192.43[Q/L/E]Fixes for vector_size=64, including a fix to NLJ and a fix to properly set vector types in Gather::Set
ab062020-02-192.53[Q/L/E]Fixes for vector_size = 2048
4d5d2020-02-192.41[Q/L/E]Fixes for VECTOR_SIZE=512
8ca42020-02-182.44[Q/L/E]Add test for loading a non-database file in the shell-test
46bd2020-02-182.44[Q/L/E]Allow nullptr to be passed to sqlite3_open
fb3f2020-02-182.43[Q/L/E]Fix for printing profiling info related to prepared statements (this fixes profile info in shell)
edd32020-02-182.42[Q/L/E]Avoid crash in shell when opened with a non-db file
afbf2020-02-182.40[Q/L/E]Fix for NULL values in nextval function
89302020-02-182.38[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #423 from cwida/removedupinfofromvector Remove Individual Vector Cardinalities
70dc2020-02-182.39[Q/L/E]Fix assert restrict
19bc2020-02-172.39[Q/L/E]ASSERT_RESTRICT: report file and line number, and change to inclusive bounds
42d02020-02-172.40[Q/L/E]Fixes for embedded C and R package
23f12020-02-172.47[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into removedupinfofromvector
a5532020-02-172.39[Q/L/E]Fix incorrect cardinality setting in join cache
9e362020-02-172.41[Q/L/E]Fix for JoinOrderOptimizer with cross products
b4932020-02-172.42[Q/L/E]Fix for large aggregate hashtables
9ef72020-02-172.41[Q/L/E]Fix several other issues with setting incorrect cardinality
8bb62020-02-141.61[Q/L/E]Fix several issues with correctly setting cardinality, more fixes required
7aa42020-02-132.38[Q/L/E]WindowSegmentTree and Vector are no longer friends: now DataChunk is Vectors best friend
bca82020-02-132.40[Q/L/E]Remove DataChunk::owned_data, and now initialize data chunks normally
91b32020-02-122.38[Q/L/E]Remove unused DataChunk::Move method
9ab72020-02-122.37[Q/L/E]Rename Flatten to ClearSelectionVector
f8ed2020-02-122.37[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #421 from cwida/bsd OpenBSD build changes from @videlft
920b2020-02-112.37[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #419 from cwida/multilineshell Fixing multiline query pasting in shell
1b0c2020-02-112.36[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #418 from samansmink/date-truncate-function Date truncate function
0bbf2020-02-112.36[Q/L/E]refactor date_trunc to use date_part_specifier
a7042020-02-112.36[Q/L/E]fixed wrongly reformatted template
43802020-02-112.36[Q/L/E]fixed typo in variable name
966d2020-02-112.39[Q/L/E]ran make format on new date_trunc function code
ba2c2020-02-112.37[Q/L/E]added date_trunc function for timestamp and date types. interval type not yet supported.
fcc22020-02-102.36[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #416 from cwida/tablestar Support for select table.* from table, issue #415
1c762020-02-102.36[Q/L/E]support for select table.* from table, issue #415
e10d2020-02-082.36[Q/L/E]First part of nested types: STRUCTS (#414) We add a new type `STRUCT` that can hold a named ordered list of other types. For now, two functions are supported: `STRUCT_PACK()` to create structs, for example `STRUCT_PACK(a := 42, b := 43)` to create a `STRUCT` of two integers named `a` and `b`. Then, there is `STRUCT_EXTRACT()` that returns one of the entries of a struct again. For example, `SELECT STRUCT_EXTRACT(STRUCT_PACK(a := 42, b := 43), 'a')` returns `42`.
67942020-02-052.37[Q/L/E]Fix error message
73c22020-02-052.37[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' of github.com:cwida/duckdb
ce8c2020-02-052.37[Q/L/E]Disallow ORDER and FILTER for aggregates (#408)
874e2020-02-052.39[Q/L/E]Remove unused in-place binary operators
a5a42020-02-052.39[Q/L/E]Using `Depends` for DBI in R package (#411) * using depends for DBI
bd052020-02-042.38[Q/L/E]Enable ccache in CMakeList
3cfb2020-02-042.39[Q/L/E]Move NotNullSelVector to VectorOperations
2fbd2020-02-042.38[Q/L/E]Remove Vector::Move and replace its usage with Vector::Reference
1ded2020-02-042.36[Q/L/E]Disallow DISTINCT in Window Functions (Fixes #408)
fa482020-02-042.36[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #409 from cwida/vectortypes Vector Rework (Vector types, three buffer system, arrow compatible TypeIds)
90ad2020-02-042.37[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into vectortypes
33912020-02-042.36[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #404 from kryonix/master Support for Recursive Common Table Expressions
bdad2020-02-032.35[Q/L/E]version bump r package
59f82020-01-312.36[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #406 from cwida/adaptive-reordering Adaptive Expression Reordering
643b2020-01-272.36[Q/L/E]Added q1 benchmark with int group keys
c44f2020-01-252.36[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #402 from cwida/artstring Support for String/Compound Keys
f3372020-01-242.36[Q/L/E]Adding myth tests
faea2020-01-242.36[Q/L/E]Throwing exception when trying to create index on columns with duplicate data
00ed2020-01-232.36[Q/L/E]Indexes for temporary tables
fd2b2020-01-222.34[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into artstring
4c8b2020-01-222.39[Q/L/E]Adding test on uniquness and prefix changes on enough data for all ART nodes
1efb2020-01-222.39[Q/L/E]Fixing issue on prefix copy
70c22020-01-212.36[Q/L/E]Have Travis generate the R repo metadata files `PACKAGES` and upload to DuckDB Download server
7b312020-01-202.35[Q/L/E]Using linenoise instead of readline for shell (#393) Also fixes a windows bug
7e852020-01-192.35[Q/L/E]Switching to stock SQLite shell (#388) We now build a statically linked command line interface `duckdb_cli` built from the stock SQLite shell.c sources.
2deb2020-01-142.36[Q/L/E]sub-second precision for timestamps in python api (#391) * sub-second precision for timestamps in python API
57b22020-01-112.36[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #390 from cwida/unusedcolumns Add Unused Column & Column Lifetime Optimizers
e1942020-01-112.36[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into unusedcolumns
a7232020-01-112.36[Q/L/E]Fix for unused column join test and add additional test
5d2b2020-01-112.36[Q/L/E]Perform IN clause optimizer before join ordering/unused column elimination/column lifetime optimizer
77fd2020-01-112.37[Q/L/E]Add extra tests for joins with unused columns
b8862020-01-112.38[Q/L/E]Add benchmarks for Q1 aggregate after join, one with a filter and one without a filter
17242020-01-112.36[Q/L/E]Properly reset build chunk before filling it in hash join
4b752020-01-112.35[Q/L/E]Add separate ColumnLifetimeOptimizer that removes columns after joins/filters when they are no longer required
489b2020-01-102.38[Q/L/E]Remove filter mapping from RemoveUnusedColumns optimizer
1bfa2020-01-102.37[Q/L/E]When we have a filter with a projection map, instead of performing the projection within the filter we simply generate an extra projection to perform the projection
f1222020-01-102.35[Q/L/E]In the case of an equality inner join, remap any references of the RHS column to the LHS column (e.g. if there is l_orderkey=o_orderkey, anything that refers to o_orderkey will be remapped to instead refer to l_orderkey, this prevents us from having to read the o_orderkey column from the hashtable
087d2020-01-082.38[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #387 from informagi/master Include default instructions
4cc72020-01-082.37[Q/L/E]Include default instructions
33212020-01-072.38[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #381 from informagi/master Minor change for local install
c4062020-01-072.35[Q/L/E]Minor edit of PYTHONPATH instruction.
0e4e2020-01-052.37[Q/L/E]Changes to complete the suggested better solution by @xhochy.
7ed52020-01-052.37[Q/L/E]Update tools/pythonpkg/README.md Excellent suggestion by @xhochy Co-Authored-By: Uwe L. Korn
6fcb2020-01-032.38[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #383 from cwida/scan Join Hash Table Rework
31562020-01-032.38[Q/L/E]Revert join order cost change
d4462020-01-032.37[Q/L/E]Another ORDER BY required after hash function change
1d8c2020-01-032.47[Q/L/E]Add order by to test
ef472020-01-032.38[Q/L/E]Combine hashes using multiplication and XOR instead of only XOR
7bf92020-01-032.35[Q/L/E]JoinHashTable: switch to using Select comparisons for probes
f27e2020-01-032.37[Q/L/E]Eliminate duplicate expressions in join order optimizer and fix cost of plans
d58a2020-01-022.37[Q/L/E]Simplify code for SINGLE join
76c22020-01-022.35[Q/L/E]Revert "Use Select comparisons instead of regular comparisons in join ht" This reverts commit eccbf85d36f558ff65c37f865dad0d24325f389d.
eccb2020-01-022.38[Q/L/E]Use Select comparisons instead of regular comparisons in join ht
33642020-01-022.37[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into scan
6d1a2020-01-022.36[Q/L/E]Make join hashtable allocate blocks from the buffer manager instead of allocating memory directly
4b0b2020-01-022.36[Q/L/E]Remove unused function and variable
70c22020-01-022.38[Q/L/E]Modify hash to use a single multiplication instead of using the murmurhash
ebee2020-01-022.36[Q/L/E]Correctly handle empty HT for LEFT and SINGLE join
9a892020-01-022.35[Q/L/E]No longer resize join HT, instead only construct the join HT after all chunks have been computed
f75c2020-01-022.36[Q/L/E]Add ORDER BY to left join test
10042020-01-012.36[Q/L/E]Add cache after hash table probe that re-probes and caches if there are too few matches to avoid outputting small chunks This time to the correct branch
ffe92020-01-012.36[Q/L/E]Revert "Add cache after hash table probe that re-probes and caches if there are too few matches to avoid outputting small chunks" This reverts commit d9a40fa733c9b7365653cb5d4c4cfd7fd382e14c.
d9a42020-01-012.36[Q/L/E]Add cache after hash table probe that re-probes and caches if there are too few matches to avoid outputting small chunks
ce842020-01-012.37[Q/L/E]Fix path to js files in generate_querygraph.py
fe312019-12-312.36[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #382 from cwida/between Add BETWEEN operator and rework OR/(NOT) IN operators
f6eb2019-12-312.37[Q/L/E]Fix copy ellision warning
caa32019-12-312.36[Q/L/E]Also rewrite NOT IN, to either a MARK join (in case of many elements) or (X <> 1 AND X <> 2 AND ...)
bd332019-12-312.36[Q/L/E]Convert IN clause with few children into OR expression (i.e. X=1 OR X=2 OR X=3...)
35452019-12-312.36[Q/L/E]Rework OR statement in FILTER to use selection vector to exclude tuples that have already qualified
d9fc2019-12-302.37[Q/L/E]Replace GetNumericValue with GetValue
03cb2019-12-302.39[Q/L/E]Clean up unused unary loops
e4742019-12-302.37[Q/L/E]Remove parsed BetweenExpression and turn BETWEEN in parse tree into two separate comparison expressions again - they will later be turned into a BoundBetweenExpression again
e5352019-12-302.35[Q/L/E]In FilterCombiner, generate a BETWEEN expression when there is both a lower and upper bound for a variable
7d302019-12-302.36[Q/L/E]More BETWEEN tests
713d2019-12-302.37[Q/L/E]Add BETWEEN and BOUND BETWEEN expressions
af3c2019-12-302.37[Q/L/E]Add ternary loops and cleanup binary loops, plus add more tests for BETWEEN
80912019-12-292.36[Q/L/E]Add --query option to benchmark_runner
5df62019-12-282.36[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #380 from cwida/benchmarkdatareuse Efficient CSV Reader and Benchmark Data Re-Use
0c4d2019-12-282.36[Q/L/E]One more CSV edge case
0e972019-12-282.35[Q/L/E]Add more tests for several CSV reader edge cases
74612019-12-282.36[Q/L/E]Re-write complex CSV reader (that supports multi-byte delimiters/escapes/quotes) to be more efficient
4bfe2019-12-282.38[Q/L/E]Simplify CSV reader somewhat to avoid duplicate code
a0c42019-12-282.39[Q/L/E]Add benchmark for reading a CSV with multi-byte delimiters
edb52019-12-282.37[Q/L/E]More efficient escape handling and fix bug with escape handling in values that cross buffer boundary
829f2019-12-282.36[Q/L/E]Fix for CSV files without newline at end of file and add testcase
a41e2019-12-272.36[Q/L/E]Add optimized CSV reader implementation for simple single-byte delimiter/quote/escape case
9c5b2019-12-262.37[Q/L/E]CSV reader: only remove escapes and copy string if there are actually escapes in the string
060a2019-12-262.36[Q/L/E]Cache TPC-H and TPC-DS dbgen in CSV files for benchmark runner
f0352019-12-252.36[Q/L/E]Add row-based iterator over query result
ba822019-12-242.39[Q/L/E]Remove benchmark html from benchmark directory; this is now included as part of the Python package
77622019-12-232.38[Q/L/E]Move continuous benchmark code out of main repo and into website repo
c4532019-12-232.39[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #379 from cwida/rappend Rework R Append
17142019-12-232.41[Q/L/E]Switch duckdb_append_R to append to vectors instead of using individual value appends
6e342019-12-232.36[Q/L/E]Correctly invalidate appender after calling Flush, EndRow or Close with incorrect number of rows appended and add test cases
f2662019-12-232.39[Q/L/E]Add Value::CreateValue
6a122019-12-222.36[Q/L/E]For Appender::Append, directly cast when types don't match instead of using Value structures to cast
92932019-12-222.37[Q/L/E]Add tests for similar to and transactions
e8c22019-12-222.35[Q/L/E]Remove unused UndoFlags::QUERY/DATA and related functions
405f2019-12-222.37[Q/L/E]Concat can work with a single argument
41772019-12-222.36[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #378 from cwida/expressionstate Rework ExpressionExecutor
58422019-12-222.35[Q/L/E]Exclude grammar files to prevent coveralls from breaking
a0a82019-12-222.36[Q/L/E]Add correct line number directives to generated grammar file
11372019-12-212.42[Q/L/E]Add rewrite rules and separate operators for other datepart specifiers (e.g. month, day, second, epoch, etc)
5d812019-12-212.39[Q/L/E]Add rewrite rule for date_part('year', X) -> year(X) and add more date part tests
5be72019-12-212.36[Q/L/E]Rework date part to use existing BinaryFunction infrastructure
4e772019-12-212.35[Q/L/E]More function simplification: also simplify YEAR function
ee392019-12-212.35[Q/L/E]More function simplification: clean up Length and unary minus function
03602019-12-212.35[Q/L/E]Add TPC-H SF0.01 to fast unit tests, and run valgrind on SF0.01 instead
35fa2019-12-212.36[Q/L/E]Clean up binary loops
5c342019-12-202.37[Q/L/E]Add Select for comparison expressions
a4c32019-12-202.35[Q/L/E]Add specialized ExpressionExecutor::Select for AND conjunction that utilizes previous results to avoid performing extra work
26ad2019-12-202.37[Q/L/E]Fix for constant filters in unoptimized case and add test case
650f2019-12-202.37[Q/L/E]Add new SelectExpression functionality to ExpressionExecutor that generates a selection vector from a boolean expression, and use this in the filter
acb92019-12-202.36[Q/L/E]ExpressionHeuristics: also reorder inside AND/OR expressions
090e2019-12-202.35[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into expressionstate
8cf32019-12-202.35[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #377 from cwida/selection-vector Selection Vector and Heuristics
d1262019-12-202.37[Q/L/E]Fix bug in VectorOperations::Gather ignoring offset that lead to crash in resize of join HT with multiple keys
9a1c2019-12-202.36[Q/L/E]refactor: move common code related to expressions to ExpressionUtil
0ef92019-12-202.36[Q/L/E]Rework AND/OR expressions to have a list of expressions instead of always having two children
c1692019-12-192.35[Q/L/E]renamed map
44002019-12-192.36[Q/L/E]making code more efficient
a89e2019-12-192.37[Q/L/E]cleaning up for pull request
15d22019-12-192.36[Q/L/E]reordering expressions
49022019-12-192.37[Q/L/E]refactor: hash aggregate always has children
9a252019-12-192.36[Q/L/E]Modified the way the ExpressionExecutor works. Every expression now has an execution state that holds intermediate structures (and potentially other things in the future). The states are initialized using InitializeState() call, and then kept around for as long as the ExpressionExecutor is alive. This allows intermediate structures to be re-used, rather than allocating and freeing them constantly. ExpressionExecutors are now also kept around in the operator state of the physical operators, rather then re-created constantly.
054a2019-12-172.36[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into selection-vector
f3312019-12-172.39[Q/L/E]covering all filter expression classes
ea042019-12-172.35[Q/L/E]Fixes for non-unity builds on linux
684c2019-12-172.36[Q/L/E]Fixes for non-unity build
ebc22019-12-172.37[Q/L/E]SQLite shell: also report errors that occur during execution, rather than only errors that occur during planning of the query
123d2019-12-172.37[Q/L/E]Fix for aborted transactions: always allow prepared statements, even in aborted transactions. Instaed we now check on the execute step whether or not the statement is allowed to be executed. This allows for e.g. auto prepare = con->Prepare("ROLLBACK"); prepare->Execute();
bbea2019-12-172.38[Q/L/E]Bind to internal PreparedStatementData instead of PreparedStatementCatalogEntry
79172019-12-172.37[Q/L/E]Fix for pushing PREPARE with parameters through prepare API: reset number of prepared statements after the PREPARE statement
75b12019-12-172.37[Q/L/E]Remove common aggregate optimizer and instead eliminate duplicate aggregates during the binding phase
2acc2019-12-172.42[Q/L/E]SQLite API wrappers: also display result for EXPLAIN and EXECUTE statements
b5c52019-12-172.34[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #376 from cwida/functionsimplification Simplify Functions
00152019-12-172.35[Q/L/E]Add new DBI tests to ignore list (FIXME: these tests should be fixed!)
712d2019-12-162.36[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into selection-vector
444c2019-12-162.36[Q/L/E]adding costs
7ddd2019-12-162.40[Q/L/E]Cleanup bitwise and arithmetic operations
d1d42019-12-162.36[Q/L/E]Move Like out of vector operations
8b6b2019-12-162.37[Q/L/E]Add date -> timestamp casting
29802019-12-162.36[Q/L/E]Round, floor and ceil are nop functions for integer types
7dd32019-12-162.38[Q/L/E]Remove VectorOperations for numeric operations that are only used in their respective SQL functions (abs, log, pow, etc)
d2542019-12-162.35[Q/L/E]Simplify implementations of trigonometric functions and remove VectorOperations::[Sin|Cos|Tan|etc]
13c42019-12-142.36[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #375 from cwida/format Format
ab402019-12-142.37[Q/L/E]Remove unused constant
a5bb2019-12-142.36[Q/L/E]Travis 2
a18a2019-12-142.36[Q/L/E]Travis 1
40442019-12-142.36[Q/L/E]Correctly treat warnings as errors now
87732019-12-142.36[Q/L/E]Test that warnings break the build
d9c22019-12-132.37[Q/L/E]Travis fix
a6102019-12-132.36[Q/L/E]Enable -Werror on clang 6 and GCC9 builds
2aff2019-12-132.37[Q/L/E]Properly disable windows warnings in third party libraries
6a772019-12-132.37[Q/L/E]Fix in format: correct header paths now
51412019-12-132.37[Q/L/E]Use target_compile_options instead of target_properties
d3102019-12-132.36[Q/L/E]Fix several windows warnings and ignore some other windows warnings
cbb42019-12-132.37[Q/L/E]Disable warnings on all third party libraries
80572019-12-132.37[Q/L/E]Disable warnings in third_party and also disable C4244 in release builds
59f92019-12-132.37[Q/L/E]the optimizer now invokes filter expression reordering
0cdb2019-12-132.36[Q/L/E]Update format.py (#374)
b6322019-12-132.35[Q/L/E]Assert is not defined here on windows
ef782019-12-132.36[Q/L/E]Fix GCC9 warnings
d3132019-12-132.35[Q/L/E]Value doesn't need explicit copy constructor
78b82019-12-132.37[Q/L/E]Revert "Cleanup part 11111111111" This reverts commit ac289bec50e82f773a3b6e1b621f52e59c9afc44.
ac282019-12-132.36[Q/L/E]Cleanup part 11111111111
29be2019-12-132.35[Q/L/E]Fix several warnings that occur only in the optimized build
875a2019-12-122.36[Q/L/E]Comparisons between numbers and strings autocast to numbers (fixes #370)
9b2a2019-12-122.43[Q/L/E]Correctly round instead of truncating (fixes #369)
ea552019-12-122.37[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #373 from cwida/sqliteapi SQLite API Rework
675a2019-12-122.36[Q/L/E]Fix some GCC warnings
f7a92019-12-122.37[Q/L/E]Link to threads for sqlite3 api wrapper test
c5532019-12-122.36[Q/L/E]Fixes for memory leaks in sqlite api wrapper tests
245c2019-12-122.36[Q/L/E]Cast to char*
0fa62019-12-122.36[Q/L/E]Also add test for nByte of sqlite3_prepare
01cc2019-12-122.36[Q/L/E]Tests for setting remainder in sqlite3_prepare_v2 and no longer allocate remainder
15072019-12-112.36[Q/L/E]More warning fixes
b4722019-12-112.40[Q/L/E]Fix several GCC warnings
31e32019-12-112.37[Q/L/E]Fix for running ANALYZE and add test case that runs ANALYZE
5bd92019-12-112.36[Q/L/E]Add extra tests for sqlite3_api_wrapper, and run these tests as part of the make unit
46882019-12-102.36[Q/L/E]Fixes for SQLite API wrapper
4ca92019-12-102.43[Q/L/E]Add extra information about prepated statement to PreparedStatement object (return types and names)
f02b2019-12-102.37[Q/L/E]Add test for properly dropping dependencies without active transactions
5e0b2019-12-102.36[Q/L/E]Properly print newline after all tests are done
58e32019-12-102.37[Q/L/E]Modify test progress reporting: report tests as they are run
116a2019-12-102.36[Q/L/E]Clean up some code in ClientContext relating to running statements
eb782019-12-102.37[Q/L/E]Move prepared statement binding into PreparedStatementData
c88b2019-12-102.35[Q/L/E]Expand sqlite api tests
57f52019-12-092.36[Q/L/E]CREATE TABLE only returns a result if there was data inserted into the table (i.e. in the case of queries such as CREATE TABLE t2 AS SELECT * FROM tbl);
044d2019-12-092.37[Q/L/E]Add test for executing all different types of statements using prepared statements
464a2019-12-092.35[Q/L/E]Move creation of prepared statement out of planner and into execution as well
85fa2019-12-092.36[Q/L/E]added more casts to benchmark
4da32019-12-092.37[Q/L/E]Split execute statement internal into CreatePreparedStatement and ExecutePreparedStatement
9ad62019-12-092.35[Q/L/E]Move prepared statement data into separate PreparedStatementData struct
604e2019-12-092.41[Q/L/E]Remove unused code from LogicalPrepare
ff4d2019-12-092.38[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #372 from cwida/fpconv Fixes on range queries on sparse arrays and tests
177e2019-12-072.38[Q/L/E]Including limits and fixing warnings
9d462019-12-062.35[Q/L/E]Exceptions that do not invalidate transactions now inherit from StandardException
66bd2019-12-062.36[Q/L/E]Adding drop index test
5efe2019-12-062.37[Q/L/E]Can now explain prepared statements, and move parameter parsing into normal planner
d9462019-12-062.36[Q/L/E]Remove DeallocateStatement and merge it with the DropStatement (drop of type PREPARED_STATEMENT)
27eb2019-12-062.37[Q/L/E]Move explain statement into normal binder/planner
d5352019-12-062.35[Q/L/E]Move pragma statements into the physical plan as well
c32e2019-12-062.35[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into sqliteapi
b2bb2019-12-062.36[Q/L/E]Push DROP, CREATE SCHEMA, CREATE SEQUENCE, CREATE VIEW, TRANSACTION and ALTER statements through the planner and executor
f78f2019-12-062.36[Q/L/E]that was the wrong flag
ad932019-12-062.38[Q/L/E]unbreaking linux :/
478c2019-12-062.38[Q/L/E]forcing binary packages to install on windows because rsqlite depends on boost. cautionary tale.
65932019-12-052.36[Q/L/E]Fixing range queries for sparse data, some queries are off by one
045d2019-12-052.35[Q/L/E]Add missing files
58b22019-12-052.37[Q/L/E]Add sqlite api wrapper tests
26e32019-12-042.36[Q/L/E]Missing include
6b9f2019-12-042.38[Q/L/E]Initial C++ implementation of SQLite API wrappers
285b2019-12-042.36[Q/L/E]removed date->timestamp cast
925f2019-12-042.36[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into selection-vector
b0942019-12-042.36[Q/L/E]added benchmarks to estimate costs
66572019-12-042.36[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #367 from cwida/appenderfix Appender API Changes
238a2019-12-042.36[Q/L/E]Test for preparing multiple statements, and add support for ExtractStatements function that only extracts individual statements from a query
75242019-12-042.38[Q/L/E]Add missing type to appender
88332019-12-042.35[Q/L/E]Always allow casts from NULL to any type, and add test from dplyr that broke because this was not allowed
eef82019-12-042.36[Q/L/E]Allow appending nullptr in order to append NULL values
12692019-12-042.37[Q/L/E]Fix linking issues in R package
a1292019-12-042.40[Q/L/E]Also add client_context to duckdb.hpp for python package (is this really required?)
a0062019-12-032.37[Q/L/E]Add appender to amalgamation
f1482019-12-032.36[Q/L/E]Fixes for R and Python clients
c2692019-12-032.35[Q/L/E]fixing cast
b1892019-12-032.36[Q/L/E]Fix for programmatic querying example and remove unused files
43eb2019-12-032.36[Q/L/E]Add testcase for interleaved usage of appender and connection
bff32019-12-032.35[Q/L/E]Add AppendRow shorthand for appending rows to the appender
350e2019-12-032.38[Q/L/E]For new disable ART floating point tests and add new test for ::EncodeFloat and ::EncodeDouble
8d342019-12-032.38[Q/L/E]Rework appender interface: create appender in similar manner to Connection and allow multiple appenders per connection. Also add more tests involving various failure cases of the appender.
e7d82019-12-022.38[Q/L/E]Rework casting code somewhat and fixes for casting timestamps to dates/times
d97d2019-12-022.36[Q/L/E]removing old code
c69d2019-12-022.34[Q/L/E]Switch Appender Append method to use templates
26532019-12-022.37[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into selection-vector
cc102019-12-022.37[Q/L/E]When "ART Floating Point Double Small" fails print the randomly generated data set for reproduction purposes
bfff2019-12-022.36[Q/L/E]Remove several slow tests from the fast unit tests
ec042019-12-022.35[Q/L/E]Add reporting to catch for every 10% of tests completed
e9b32019-12-012.35[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #366 from cwida/revertcommit Revert commit after failure during commit
0b5a2019-12-012.39[Q/L/E]Windows fix
ed082019-12-012.38[Q/L/E]Reset auto commit in WAL replay
b8cc2019-12-012.37[Q/L/E]Also fix ::erase method of Node4
b48f2019-11-302.37[Q/L/E]Fix ::erase method of ART nodes
79842019-11-302.38[Q/L/E]Assert that entries were properly erased in ART tree
c0972019-11-302.39[Q/L/E]Add more tests for transaction aborts and correctly remove entries from indexes after reverting a commit
10462019-11-302.37[Q/L/E]Perform truncate of WAL after abort in commit to cleanup unnecessary data appended there
b7b42019-11-302.39[Q/L/E]Rework VALUES list - unify values list in INSERT and SELECT statement into an ExpressionListRef
3d832019-11-292.35[Q/L/E]Add TableInfo method to Connection to easily get the table info of a specific table
959b2019-11-292.37[Q/L/E]Add several tests for aborts during commit
efbd2019-11-272.39[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #351 from cwida/float Including FP into ART
04102019-11-262.39[Q/L/E]Seeding the random number generator
20b52019-11-262.38[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into float
701c2019-11-262.40[Q/L/E]Forgot one more cast
c3f02019-11-262.36[Q/L/E]Switching to `Release` build by default and build and run examples (#363) * testing examples * defaulting to release build
55542019-11-252.38[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into float
ecb52019-11-252.38[Q/L/E]Correcting test
52b92019-11-252.36[Q/L/E]Correctly handle exceptions in commits (because of e.g. constraint failures or IO exceptions), when an exception occurs rollback the partially completed commit and rollback instead
f2bf2019-11-252.43[Q/L/E]Use the amalgamation for R and Python clients (#360)
23092019-11-252.35[Q/L/E]Move physical operator state to source files rather than header files
a5652019-11-252.38[Q/L/E]Prevent comparison of pointer with NULL in C++; use nullptr instead.
0c402019-11-252.38[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'hyperxor-add_join_in_string_utils'
e9982019-11-252.40[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'add_join_in_string_utils' of https://github.com/hyperxor/duckdb into hyperxor-add_join_in_string_utils
10e12019-11-232.36[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #359 from cwida/amalgamation Amalgamation
ba282019-11-232.37[Q/L/E]Missing include for Windows
fef42019-11-232.37[Q/L/E]Pragma statements are now always parsed without error, even if the statements are unknown
fbba2019-11-222.38[Q/L/E]Parse PRAGMA statements using the Postgres parser instead of using a hacky pragma_parser addition
baf52019-11-222.37[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/cwida/duckdb into float
65412019-11-222.38[Q/L/E]Changing tests to skip PG parsers issues and simplifying float transf
4be12019-11-222.36[Q/L/E]added static frontend hosting to web server
9d352019-11-222.35[Q/L/E]Windows needs /bigobj flag to compile amalgamation
a07a2019-11-222.38[Q/L/E]By default do not write linenumbers in amalgamation, and more fixes for directory separators for amalgamation generated on Windows
3c962019-11-222.36[Q/L/E]Use _strdup for Windows instead of strdup
1e222019-11-222.37[Q/L/E]Prevent conflicts with ASC and DESC defines generated from grammar
95632019-11-222.37[Q/L/E]Modify flex defines to avoid conflicts with windows.h
40f22019-11-222.36[Q/L/E]Use os.path.join instead of hardcoding / in amalgamation.py
a70b2019-11-222.36[Q/L/E]Travis fixes
c9e12019-11-222.36[Q/L/E]Add amalgamation travis builds
eaaa2019-11-222.37[Q/L/E]Add amalgamation build to cmake, triggered with -DAMALGAMATION_BUILD=1
c43a2019-11-222.38[Q/L/E]Add #line directives to amalgamation
e1a62019-11-222.37[Q/L/E]Move TPC-H queries and answers to separate files and concatenate them into header file using generate_csv_header script
4b1e2019-11-212.36[Q/L/E]Windows fixes for dbgen
82b22019-11-212.36[Q/L/E]Write file_system.cpp as last file in amalgamation because it includes windows.h, which screws up a bunch of other code
4fd92019-11-212.37[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into amalgamation
18482019-11-212.37[Q/L/E]Add amalgamation scripts to makefile
e3e42019-11-212.36[Q/L/E]Remove unused scripts
279c2019-11-212.38[Q/L/E]Create separate scripts directory to hold scripts related to the project
e0412019-11-212.38[Q/L/E]Fixes for amalgamation
90072019-11-212.36[Q/L/E]Add a Programmatic querying example (#355)
5e472019-11-212.38[Q/L/E]Add a REST server and HTML/JS frontend for DuckDB (#354)
9b432019-11-202.36[Q/L/E]More stripping of postgres parser
a2fe2019-11-202.36[Q/L/E]Several fixes for amalgamation
1ffa2019-11-202.38[Q/L/E]Fix some issues with the amalgamation build
87742019-11-202.36[Q/L/E]Convert miniz to C++
df0c2019-11-202.39[Q/L/E]Convert hyperloglog to C++ project
d87e2019-11-202.37[Q/L/E]Remove postgres namespace
71382019-11-202.40[Q/L/E]Rename variables in Postgres parser to be prefixed with PG or pg_ to avoid name clashes
e1762019-11-202.37[Q/L/E]More minor cleanup
b90a2019-11-202.37[Q/L/E]Minor clean up
ee302019-11-192.37[Q/L/E]Convert PostgreSQL parser to C++
d14a2019-11-192.36[Q/L/E]Clean up unused parsenodes
9f5b2019-11-192.36[Q/L/E]GCC 9 32 bits is complaining
2c162019-11-192.37[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'float' of https://github.com/cwida/duckdb into float
fb932019-11-192.35[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into float
fed32019-11-192.37[Q/L/E]Removed threads linking (Issue #352) (#353) * Removed re2 pthread dependency (Issue #352)
0ab02019-11-182.36[Q/L/E]VS doesnt like divisions by 0
f1d92019-11-182.35[Q/L/E]Comparisons with NaN should return 0
83502019-11-182.00[Q/L/E]benchmarking selection vector
ea4a2019-11-182.36[Q/L/E]Adding more tests for ART/Floating
bf1c2019-11-162.36[Q/L/E]Split up gram.y in separate files for each of the different statements types, and split up keywords into different lists. The grammar can be assembled and compiled by running the generate_grammar.py script, which will combine the different grammar files together and correctly set up the keyword files.
77fa2019-11-162.38[Q/L/E]Add new cleaned up version of gram.y
7ec12019-11-152.36[Q/L/E]Revert back to old grammar for now, C++ flex is broken and C flex does not work with C++ bison, Postgres also relies heavily on a specific old version of bison being used (2.3) which does not have good C++ support. For now we will keep using the C bison, have to start stripping again.
86422019-11-152.35[Q/L/E]Adding Floating Point tests
73c62019-11-142.43[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into float
fca02019-11-132.38[Q/L/E]Tests for floats and converting doubles
e1e62019-11-132.38[Q/L/E]Properly converting floats to binary comparable format
fc812019-11-122.39[Q/L/E]Read-only mode and shutdown for R client (#348) * added read_only flag to dbConnect * reworked parameters for R client * test case for multi read only db * fix for windows dir delete
fc7e2019-11-122.38[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #335 from jameslamb/misc/r_dependencies [R-package] updated handling of dependencies in the R package
11ee2019-11-122.40[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #343 from ankoh/master Add cmake install targets
bdcf2019-11-112.40[Q/L/E]add C-API duckdb_bind_null
f2fc2019-11-112.35[Q/L/E]reverted testthat change
8cb22019-11-112.40[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #347 from suketa/add_capi_duckdb_bind_null add C-API duckdb_bind_null
a04e2019-11-112.39[Q/L/E]Only export the cmake package if the templates exist
20542019-11-112.38[Q/L/E]Split export set for CMake versions < 3.13
1f5c2019-11-112.38[Q/L/E]one more fix
70842019-11-112.40[Q/L/E]tiny changes
ea7b2019-11-112.37[Q/L/E]Add one more Join function to StringUtil and code refactoring
867a2019-11-092.36[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #344 from hyperxor/add_parser_unit_tests Add parser unit tests
6e212019-11-082.37[Q/L/E]Add parser unit tests
dc252019-11-082.37[Q/L/E]Support for ARM64 on Travis (#329) Run only TPCH for now
e68a2019-11-082.38[Q/L/E]Working initial version of amalgamation: only concatenates duckdb files currently (todo: concat third party libraries as well)
bf132019-11-082.38[Q/L/E]Add initial amalgamation script and fix various issues with compiling individual files
21ec2019-11-072.36[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #342 from cwida/prepfix Invalid operator state in prepared statements
cb472019-11-072.36[Q/L/E]fixed a bug with operator state in prepared statements
89e72019-11-072.40[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #341 from cwida/moveheaders Move headers to duckdb subdirectory
ef912019-11-062.39[Q/L/E]fixed r client
47472019-11-062.39[Q/L/E]Also commit benchmark directory
21fc2019-11-062.36[Q/L/E]Add a test that aliases result in proper result names
5cb62019-11-062.37[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #333 from cwida/buffermanager Add a working Buffer Manager
97992019-11-062.37[Q/L/E]added missing include
499c2019-11-062.37[Q/L/E]Add missing include for Windows
63a22019-11-062.35[Q/L/E]Fix after merge with master
a88a2019-11-052.37[Q/L/E]Properly update cardinality on appends
00422019-11-052.34[Q/L/E][R-package] updated handling of dependencies in the R package
d9dc2019-11-052.35[Q/L/E]Adding valgrind testing to travis, and some changes to make it pass: (#334) - `DataChunk` now always initialises its data - Trigonometric functions do not execute on NULL payloads because of undefined behavior - No more `NULL` values for empty `FROM` clauses, instead an `EmptyTableRef`/`BoundEmptyTableRef` is produced. Issue #328
6d5a2019-11-052.33[Q/L/E]Fix todo: use unique_lock in Appender to hold mutex lock (#326) * Fix todo: use unique_lock in Appender to hold mutex lock
289a2019-11-042.57[Q/L/E]Disable query verification for SQL Server tests: they have ambiguous functions (e.g. window function with ORDER BY that has many duplicates), these can potentially have different rules in unoptimized/optimized case
5c512019-11-042.43[Q/L/E]Move temporary table/normal table switch code into catalog instead of duplicated in several locations
0f9b2019-11-042.36[Q/L/E]Properly initialize column scan segment even if initial chunks are skipped
303a2019-11-042.36[Q/L/E]Default to DEFAULT_SCHEMA instead of INVALID_SCHEMA for copy statements
f35e2019-11-042.38[Q/L/E]Fix for compilation after merge
038e2019-11-042.04[Q/L/E]Correctly handle destroying evicted buffers as well
bbd02019-11-042.01[Q/L/E]Allow setting of the memory limit dynamically through e.g. PRAGMA memory_limit=1GB, and fix some issues with correctly destroying unused buffers after tables are dropped.
b0dc2019-11-042.36[Q/L/E]Fix dbtransfer and add unittests (#330) * Fix QueryDatabase in dbtransfer and add unit tests
ba962019-11-022.02[Q/L/E]Keep lock on indexes for entirety of append to prevent a row from being appended to the index and then read by another thread before it is actually appended to the base table
19162019-11-022.01[Q/L/E]Properly free locks when insert into UNIQUE index fails
19b92019-11-022.01[Q/L/E]Fix for concurrent appends to index: obtain append lock BEFORE initializing the scan to ensure we do not miss any freshly appended rows
aa212019-11-022.00[Q/L/E]Always keep enough space for pointers to overflow blocks in string segments
b2c12019-11-01CFix for using correct base_row in delete/updates after reload from disk
fd662019-11-01CFix another test for the new transaction behavior
38632019-11-01CAdapt tests to properly rollback aborted transactions
cd912019-11-01CExceptions thrown in a transaction abort that transaction (except for Parser, Binder and Catalog exceptions)
739c2019-11-01CSet correct row id flag in version manager when appending to an existing database
6fec2019-11-01CUse correct base_row for writing deletes to WAL
212e2019-11-01CUse correct current_row for persistent row scan
089c2019-11-01CFix issue of appending to persistent segments after reloading database and add test case for index creation on persistent data
11472019-11-01CFix for reading/writing temporary buffers to disk
be632019-11-01CRe-add support for storing strings bigger than a single block on disk
ed592019-10-31CSupport in-place updating of persistent segments by converting the disk-backed segment to a transient in-memory one
79e62019-10-31CAvoid using a templated class when only a single member function needs to be templated
b9482019-10-31CProperly write updates to the WAL
b0212019-10-31CUnify transaction handling in numeric and string segments
f0da2019-10-302.37[Q/L/E]Broken FP Keys
1a3a2019-10-30CFix issue of serializing chunks with selection vectors
06ac2019-10-30CMove storage constants to constants.hpp and differentiate more clearly between BLOCK_SIZE (excluding checksum) and BLOCK_ALLOC_SIZE (including checksum)
1ba72019-10-30CStorage working again for numeric columns
b4b32019-10-30CUnify BufferHandle code for Block and ManagedBuffer
53942019-10-30CUnify transient and persistent infrastructure pt1
cd872019-10-30CChange TableDataWriter to write data using UncompressedSegments
638c2019-10-292.36[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #325 from cwida/amalgamation Resolve lots of internal symbol conflicts and name spacing issues to allow an amalgamated release of DuckDB
c4d82019-10-292.37[Q/L/E]rename all the functions to XyzFun to avoid name clashes
2e152019-10-292.33[Q/L/E]first part of amalgamation, remove `using namespace postgres;`
9eee2019-10-292.36[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #324 from hyperxor/remove_obsolete_throw_expr Remove obosolete throw expression
3e522019-10-292.36[Q/L/E]Remove obosolete throw expression
f5312019-10-281.99[Q/L/E]optimization in filter via selection vector (#309)
d1fa2019-10-28CRemove ColumnData reference from uncompressed segment
8c042019-10-282.35[Q/L/E]ChunkCollection printing ignored NULL, #320
37312019-10-282.34[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/cwida/duckdb
a0c62019-10-272.34[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #317 from hansmosh/patch-1 Fix typos in README
7edb2019-10-252.33[Q/L/E]Fix typos in README
c9992019-10-242.35[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/cwida/duckdb
de5e2019-10-242.34[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #308 from cwida/copy-from-to Support for all PostgreSQL CSV import options
b5c72019-10-242.32[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'copy-from-to'
aaed2019-10-242.34[Q/L/E]transferring string ownership to parse_chunk
d2842019-10-242.01[Q/L/E]Magic columns CURRENT_TIME etc. (#314) * support for CURRENT_TIME, CURRENT_DATE, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP and NOW()
d9cd2019-10-231.99[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #295 from pritambaral/fix/orderby-redundant-projections Fix 293: ORDER BY pushes unnecessary projections
fc7d2019-10-232.35[Q/L/E]still trying to fix that clang error
a2b12019-10-232.00[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #313 from hyperxor/cmake_build_include_fix Fix cmake build error: No such file or directory
55a92019-10-232.02[Q/L/E]Fix cmake build error: include not found
f2602019-10-212.34[Q/L/E]some code refactoring
409d2019-10-212.55[Q/L/E]two more test cases, exception if escape/delim are substrings of each other, missing include (#308)
2bbd2019-10-19CAdd big string tests to big_update and fix bug in string segment update merging
72352019-10-182.58[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into copy-from-to
4b982019-10-181.99[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into filter-predicate-opti
a5e22019-10-181.98[Q/L/E]small test case for debugging
6d7e2019-10-18CAllocate exactly BLOCK_SIZE space for numeric segments as well
86b42019-10-18CAlso add tests with multiple concurrent updates
8b142019-10-18CProperly fetch updated data in index fetch + add test case
06442019-10-17CSupport individual row fetch for string columns
78d32019-10-17CAlso move scan code into base uncompressed segment
693a2019-10-17CUnify code for base table fetch for numeric/string segments
c2752019-10-17CMerge branch 'master' into buffermanager
aec82019-10-172.00[Q/L/E]Test case with binding failures inside a window function
54cc2019-10-172.00[Q/L/E]Correlated window function test cases and only fetch types of window function children after they are successfully bound
273f2019-10-172.00[Q/L/E]Add query with LEFT JOIN in correlated subquery (not supported for now)
c9f82019-10-171.99[Q/L/E]adding some first benchmarks
0bc02019-10-17CMerge some duplicate code in numeric segment
fcb32019-10-171.99[Q/L/E]Fix for correlated column comparison with correlated subquery in ANY() query + test case
601c2019-10-16CFix off-by-one in string writing and add tests for big and many string update
35bc2019-10-16CMerge branch 'master' into buffermanager
b0f42019-10-162.00[Q/L/E]Properly propagate plan_subquery and has_correlated_subqueries properties in planner through set operations
2a7b2019-10-162.00[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #311 from cwida/pythontrans Add transaction and prepared statement support to Python client
a7052019-10-161.99[Q/L/E]cleanup with exceptions , test with pandas df
27912019-10-151.99[Q/L/E]more special handling for ints which apparently also disappeared
7b772019-10-152.00[Q/L/E]partial python2
5c792019-10-152.00[Q/L/E]executemany() and prepared statement support for python
5c782019-10-142.85[Q/L/E]Fix for Test TPC-H SF0.1
1e262019-10-131.98[Q/L/E]first part of prepared statements and transactions for python api
08e42019-10-122.59[Q/L/E]small code improvements and one additional test case, Close #108
8e962019-10-112.61[Q/L/E]mostly improving test coverage, also small fix in bind_copy.cpp (#108)
06fb2019-10-11CProperly support rollback of updates to string columns
6eb62019-10-112.79[Q/L/E]force_quote and force_not_null (#108)
e2912019-10-111.99[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #306 from cwida/havingwithoutgroup Allow having without GROUP BY
9fce2019-10-11CMerge branch 'master' into buffermanager
df7c2019-10-111.99[Q/L/E]Allow having without GROUP BY
36742019-10-102.00[Q/L/E]Fix issue with nested window functions throwing an exception
2afd2019-10-10CProperly merge multiple different string updates in the same transaction
b80d2019-10-10CFix for update of string column to NULL and add test case
1dbf2019-10-10CStore string_location_t in UndoBuffer instead of storing the actual strings, and add support for rollback of string updates
c7b42019-10-092.57[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into copy-from-to
ea102019-10-092.53[Q/L/E]updating some test cases, fix for newlines for 'copy from' (#108)
20122019-10-092.55[Q/L/E]COPY TO for multi-character delim/quote/escape, test cases, finished escape processing (#108)
3fde2019-10-09CMerge branch 'master' into buffermanager
39ef2019-10-092.01[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #304 from cwida/fix303 Fix for Issue #303
8ead2019-10-081.99[Q/L/E]Remove unnecessary debug variables
b0772019-10-082.06[Q/L/E]Fix for issue #303 together with related issues on binding groups inside subqueries
72f52019-10-082.04[Q/L/E]quote and escape processing according to postgreSQL (#108), more test cases
6eaa2019-10-081.99[Q/L/E]Add UnaryExec with equivalent behavior to Binary/TernaryExec
f5632019-10-082.00[Q/L/E]Fix ORDER BY pushing redundant projections OrderBinder has no way to resolve column-refs in expressions to tables, since it does not have the bind context, which can cause it to push redundant entries into projections. This change solves the problem by deferring pushing into projections until after SelectBinder has bound table names to all column refs. Closes #293
8a762019-10-082.00[Q/L/E]Add test for ORDER BY projection
15382019-10-071.99[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #300 from cwida/minorfunctionrework Minor Function Rework
a66c2019-10-071.99[Q/L/E]Properly reset payload chunk in hash aggregate
38862019-10-072.00[Q/L/E]Push the string heap addition back into the templated function
5f392019-10-072.00[Q/L/E]Proper handling of constants in CASE and remove old case code
52cb2019-10-071.99[Q/L/E]Rework binaryexec/ternaryexec/case statement and add some extra tests for proper constant null handling
f7f12019-10-072.05[Q/L/E]support for multi-character control strings that exceed buffer borders (#108)
42c42019-10-072.04[Q/L/E]support for multi-char delimiters/quotes/escapes (#108), WIP support accross ReadBuffer borders
53992019-10-07Cfixing gcc build
b5512019-10-062.00[Q/L/E]updated dplyr example
abce2019-10-062.00[Q/L/E]added src_duckdb for dbplyr convenience
2f3f2019-10-032.03[Q/L/E]test case for COPY ... NULL option (#108)
b63b2019-10-032.09[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into copy-from-to
0ee02019-10-032.00[Q/L/E]some changes to COPY option transforming, also added NULL option (#108)
3dc72019-10-022.01[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #287 from sreeharshar84/topn Top-K optimization for ORDER BY + LIMIT
c1542019-10-022.06[Q/L/E]Add ncvoter test case to CSV parser
839b2019-10-021.99[Q/L/E]Issue: When OFFSET value is greater than the total number of rows, it results in a crash with the TOP N query. Fix: In this case the heap size will be 0. There is no need for further TOP N processing. Related tests have been added.
4e212019-10-012.00[Q/L/E]support for copy options in parser/transform, #108
eacf2019-09-302.01[Q/L/E]making r tests fail when dbplyr tests fail
f8f62019-09-301.99[Q/L/E]Address the following issues: 1) Rename files physical_order_limit.cpp and logical_order_limit.cpp to physical_top_n.cpp and logical_top_n.cpp. 2) Rename "ORDER_BY_LIMIT" to "TOP_N" and "PhysicalOrderAndLimit" and "LogicalOrderAndLimit" to "PhysicalTopN" and "LogicalTopN". 3) A new optimizer step has been introduced to check for the presence of a LIMIT followed by an ORDER BY and replace them with a TOP N operator. This step was previously in the planner phase. 4) A new test_top_n.cpp has been added to test the optimizer phase.
aebd2019-09-272.00[Q/L/E]yet another missing dependency
29692019-09-272.00[Q/L/E]Adding dbplyr tests (#296)
07a92019-09-261.99[Q/L/E]Fixing Travis again (#294)
b9a42019-09-261.99[Q/L/E]Update README.md
590f2019-09-251.99[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #291 from cwida/orderbinder Fix subquery column pruning bug in binder
c34d2019-09-252.00[Q/L/E]Fix for LogicalPrune in TableBindingResolver
c78c2019-09-252.04[Q/L/E]adding test case
0eef2019-09-252.00[Q/L/E]Support for milliseconds in timestamps (#289) Open question: select extract(second from cast ('2019-12-13 14:42:11.42' as timestamp)); postgres says 11.42
2e512019-09-242.00[Q/L/E]Fixed a spurious decref
b33a2019-09-241.98[Q/L/E]Python2 Support (#288)
adde2019-09-242.00[Q/L/E]dplyr example
b8f02019-09-221.99[Q/L/E]Top-K optimization for ORDER BY + LIMIT Issue: ------ A query containing ORDER BY and LIMIT is effectively the Top K (or Bottom K) rows of the result. The current query execution sorts all the rows in the table for the ORDER_BY operator and then applies the LIMIT operator. This is wasteful in terms of both space and time. The inplace quick sort takes up O(N) space and O(N^2) time (but O(N * logN) average time). Solution: --------- A better way is to use a heap and combine the ORDER BY and LIMIT operators. This takes up less space O(K), where K is the LIMIT value (always less than N, the number of rows) and O(N * logK) time. Implementation: --------------- 1) New LogicalOperatorType and PhysicalOperatorType "ORDER_BY_LIMIT" has been introduced. 2) A new heap algorithm has been added to the ChunkCollection class. 3) When both ORDER BY AND LIMIT are present, the new LogicalOperatorType is introduced. This is then converted to the new PhysicalOperatorType for execution. 4) ORDER BY AND OFFSET (without LIMIT) will work as before. This optimzation doesn't apply for such queries.
bbfd2019-09-171.98[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #282 from geokollias/issue-193-setseed Implement setseed function
06b72019-09-141.99[Q/L/E]fix comment bug: drops (#285)
199c2019-09-121.98[Q/L/E]Semi-working transaction local storage that gets merged into base table on commit, needs fixes for unique constraints/indexes
110b2019-09-091.99[Q/L/E]Adding the IMDB-based Join Order Benchmark [JOB] from Leis et al. (#283)
06c02019-09-072.00[Q/L/E]Update setseed
8b5a2019-09-062.00[Q/L/E]Add benchmark for bulk updates/deletions
69f92019-09-051.99[Q/L/E]Update setseed Updates: - Constrain seed value between -1.0 and 1.0, inclusive - Set return type to SQLNULL
32c12019-09-052.00[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #279 from mweisgut/master BenchmarkRunner: Wildcard support for benchmark names
4cff2019-09-051.99[Q/L/E]reverted TPC-H renaming
983a2019-09-051.99[Q/L/E]shrink to fit
90812019-09-052.01[Q/L/E]support wildcards
90652019-09-051.99[Q/L/E]Bump Travis Xcode Version (#281)
59a22019-09-041.99[Q/L/E]TIMESTAMP (rw), DATE (rw) & TIME (r) support for R client (#277)
19992019-09-042.00[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #272 from xhochy/use-setuptools_scm-for-versioning Use setuptools_scm for Python versioning
02e42019-09-011.99[Q/L/E]Refactor appenders (#276) * new appender api, now created from connection.CreateAppender() * appender changes for r client
297e2019-09-012.00[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #275 from hawkfish/hawkfish-combinefunc Implement aggregate state merging
a7b32019-08-302.00[Q/L/E]Implement - and test - multi-argument windowed aggregates using segment trees.
49cd2019-08-301.99[Q/L/E]Extend WindowSegmentTree to handle uncombinable aggregate functions. This essentially just does the full aggregation at the bottom level. This seemed like a better implementation than copying out all the range aggregation machinery.
1a9b2019-08-302.01[Q/L/E]Convert windowed aggregates to use the AggregateFunction APIs instead of hard-coded switch statements. This is implemented using the combine function which is also used for parallel aggregation. There is one small hack where a missing combine function assumes that the aggregate is COUNT(*) but I will be dealing with that next as part of non segment-tree windowing.
24e92019-08-302.00[Q/L/E]Fix comment
71412019-08-292.00[Q/L/E]Redefine combine to look more like update.
95822019-08-271.99[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #273 from xhochy/return-datetime64 Return datetime64 in Python
40db2019-08-271.99[Q/L/E]Add optional COMBINEFUNC member for aggregate functions. Not used yet.
96712019-08-271.98[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #5 from cwida/master Pull as of 2019-08-27
e6282019-08-261.99[Q/L/E]Return datetime64 in Python
96892019-07-312.04[Q/L/E]Remove editor config
39892019-07-312.04[Q/L/E]Aggregate rework: unify AggregateFunctions and ScalarFunctions CatalogSets and postpone function binding until the binding phase
72592019-07-312.03[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #253 from hawkfish/hawkfish-distributive Hawkfish distributive
6f212019-07-312.11[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #249 from sreeharshar84/mod-function Add Mod function
ca6d2019-07-302.03[Q/L/E]fix in postgres parser to show the correct offset of an error
79882019-07-292.01[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #250 from cwida/ipython-ext Add query graph code to IPython and modify Python build system to allow linking to existing build
2c242019-07-202.08[Q/L/E]Add duckdb_query_graph module to Python package with support for generating an IPython rendering of the query graph
c4e82019-07-202.01[Q/L/E]Change python build to be able to link to existing install and add profile_info() function
6b092019-07-152.01[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #247 from sreeharshar84/sign-function Add Sign function
62482019-07-152.02[Q/L/E]Add Sign function Issue: ------ Sign is available in Mysql. https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/mathematical-functions.html#function_sign Fix: ---- sign function returns 0 if the input is a zero. In other cases it returns a 1 or -1 depending on whether the input is positive or negative.
9ef32019-07-082.00[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #241 from sreeharshar84/log2-function Add Log2 function
34812019-07-082.04[Q/L/E]Add Log2 function Issue: ------ Log2 is available in Mysql. https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/mathematical-functions.html#function_log2 Fix: ---- Log2 function in duckdb is similar to Log10 in behavior except with base-2.
547a2019-07-062.16[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #236 from AlexKashuba/master Shell: add support for .output
95f72019-07-062.01[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #238 from philhoch/feature/introduce-cmake-formatting introduce formatting for CMakeLists.txt files
b2c72019-07-062.04[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into feature/introduce-cmake-formatting
a5c62019-07-062.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #237 from philhoch/feature/set-default-cmake-build-type Set default cmake build type to 'RelWithDebInfo'
24072019-07-052.04[Q/L/E]formatted according root CMakeLists.txt and missing thirdparty CMakeLists.txt
159e2019-07-052.02[Q/L/E]add cmake project root path to format root CMakeLists.txt
d5ed2019-07-052.04[Q/L/E]formatted cmake files
e7832019-07-052.01[Q/L/E]added formatting for CMakeLists.txt files
7b362019-07-052.01[Q/L/E]Adapted behaviour to set default cmake build type to 'RelWithDebInfo' to comply with the make script in use. The change was tested on a linux machine with cmake 3.13.1 and cmake 3.5.1 in single configuration mode.
f19a2019-07-012.04[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/cwida/duckdb
dcbb2019-07-012.04[Q/L/E]make ~ work in database paths for the R package
74ba2019-07-012.01[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #230 from xhochy/ptr Only include pytest-runner in setup_requires if we're invoking tests
9a602019-07-012.05[Q/L/E]Only include pytest-runner in setup_requires if we're invoking tests
8a3b2019-06-302.04[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #226 from xhochy/support-c++14-build Support building with -std=c++14
e4c02019-06-302.02[Q/L/E]Support building with -std=c++14
20ba2019-06-302.04[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/cwida/duckdb
9f032019-06-302.04[Q/L/E]Pushing the number of prepared statements into the C/C++ APIs
523b2019-06-302.04[Q/L/E]More test cases for prepared statements and subqueries
28192019-06-302.11[Q/L/E]Fix binding issue with prepared statements and subqueries.
78a02019-06-302.03[Q/L/E]making VACCUM/ANALYZE a nop
24d22019-06-292.04[Q/L/E]Update benchmark_html.py for new website
05cf2019-06-272.03[Q/L/E]temporarily removing python3.6 again
db122019-06-272.00[Q/L/E]PyPI upload script that integrates with GH tags and our binary builds
c1cb2019-06-272.00[Q/L/E]Fix binaries upload and bump version to 0.1.0 (#220)
d4e12019-06-262.02[Q/L/E]Py_None for NumPy arrays with strings when NULL is encountered
cfdd2019-06-262.00[Q/L/E]Even less leakage in Python client
2e072019-06-262.01[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #218 from cwida/aggregate Optimizations for aggregations
ed052019-06-262.01[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into aggregate
c50e2019-06-262.03[Q/L/E]Skip NULL check on vectors that do not have NULL values
d7c52019-06-262.04[Q/L/E]Add microbenchmarks for aggregates on the lineitem table
8aef2019-06-252.01[Q/L/E]Add missing boolean type to aggregation
fc192019-06-251.99[Q/L/E]Add SimpleAggregate that performs simple aggregations without a GROUP BY clause without a hash table
48122019-06-252.01[Q/L/E]Fix for grouping by multiple NULL values
66262019-06-252.04[Q/L/E]Remove PhysicalAggregate base class and move code to PhysicalHashAggregate
9a932019-06-252.05[Q/L/E]Optimize aggregate hashtable to use vectorized operations and bitmask instead of modulo
2adf2019-06-252.05[Q/L/E]Fixed some memory leaks in the Python API
b4d22019-06-252.00[Q/L/E]Remove benchmark that writes 100K tuples on autocommit to disk
85c02019-06-252.01[Q/L/E]Only flush the WAL if the transaction made any changes to the database
58292019-06-242.01[Q/L/E]Add benchmarks for writing COPY TO FILE and optimize COPY To performance